Les Brown Festivel 2011030

Pennsylvania relatives of Les Brown realizing the importance of preserving the site where Les was born, succeeded in having the PA Historical commission place a sign in front of the house in Reinerton.


At the request of the 2013 Les Brown Big Band Festival Committee,  Porter Township adopted the phrase, “The Town of Renown, birthplace of Les Brown” as Reinerton’s official slogan.  It was located on the south side of Route 209, east of Reinerton. It has since been relocated to the north side of the street. There is a smaller on the west side of the town.

Les Brown Lane
Les Brown Lane sign across the street from Les’ birthplace.

This was the second request that the township supervisors had accepted from the LBBBF committee, the first being in 2012, to change the name of the street aside Les’ birthplace from Grey Street to Les Brown Lane.

The 1200 block of East Grand Avenue in Tower City was named “Stumpy Brown Block” in 2014. This was in honor of the area where Stumpy was born. The entire block was dedicated because the exact location of the house is unknown.




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