Commemorative festival buttons
Stumpy autographing a photo.
M & J Big Band
Stumpy being interviewed by MC Kathleen Pavelko.
Elizabethtown College Jazz Band

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bubble gum cards
Stumpy receives a Les Brown bubble gum card from MC Kathleen Pavelko of WITF while Denny Brown and her son Swampy Marsh watch.
Stumpy vs the Les Brown trivia contest winners in a friendly mini trivia game hosted by Kathleen Pavelko.
The Letters From Home ladies perform Six Jerks in a Jeep with help from audience “volunteers”.
Stumpy, thoughtfully listening while receiving a Stumpy Brown festival shirt.
Stumpy receiving a festival shirt.
Tower City mayor Dan Daub, Stumpy and cousin David Minnich.
Presentation of the Stumpy Brown Block sign to mark the approximate area in Tower City where Stumpy was born.
stumpy citation
Stumpy reads the citation presented to him from PA Senator David Argall.
Rainbow jazz bow
WV Elementary Rainbow Jazz
stumpy & letters
Stumpy with Letters From Home
letters on stage red dresses
Letters From Home
Jeff “Swampy” Marsh signing Phineas & Ferb items to be placed in the WV Band of Renown museum.

big band sound IMG_0834 stumpy sign presentation

pg on stage
Pine Grove Middle School Cardinal Jazz Band directed by Matt Schrack
Williams Valley Cool Blue
M & J 2
M & J Big Band
Brooke and Randy
Brooke Unger-Randy Wiscount