The festival has a collection of Band of Renown related items boasting the largest collection of Band of Renown memorabilia in Pennsylvania. Many of these items are displayed at the annual festival. For those unable to physically visit, you may view the a few of museum’s items on our virtual museum below.

The Clyde Stumpy Brown Collection

The Stumpy Brown Collection consists of items donated by Stumpy to be preserved for future big band enthusiasts.  Items include original tape recordings of concerts and demo recordings, video tapes of TV newscasts and interviews of Les and Stumpy, personal photos, personal items, and Butch Stone memorabilia.

Unique Items

  • Stumpy Brown’s first baritone horn (donated by Stumpy’s niece Barbara Hill Auman)
  • The band’s Disneyland banner
  • Band of Renown jackets (donated by trombonist Jack Redmond)
  • Swampy Marsh art

Additional Items

  • 49 of their 55 albums
  • Recordings that were not commercially released
  • Band of Renown CDs
  • Autographed pictures of band members
  • Les’ personal photographs
  • All of the movies the Band of Renown appeared in
  • Feature movies with appearances by Stumpy Brown
  • Movies and TV shows with appearances by Les Brown Jr.
  • Movie posters and lobby cards
  • Band of Renown piano sheet music
  • Duke Blue Devil Jazz Band piano sheet music

Virtual Band of Renown Museum


Les and the Band officially recorded 55 albums. Below are a few of the albums in our collection of over 50 albums.  Also in the collection are several albums and CDs that were not released to the public.

Framed 45rpm record of I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm and corresponding juke box label.
45 les jr.
Record jacket of Les Brown Jr. surfing music.
IMG_0728 (640x539)
Sentimental book album containing 78rpm records.
IMG_0729 (640x495)
Inside cover of the 78rpm booklet album.
IMG_0723 (640x621)
Early 33rpm album with jacket cover of paper instead of cardboard.
IMG_0727 (614x640)
Back of the paper jacket.

IMG_0720 (633x640) IMG_0724 (640x617) argentina jazz les brownamer in paris les brown lp45 weather vane45 paladium45 les b45 les b recordIMG_0725IMG_0718IMG_0726









Band of Renown Sheet Music.

IMG_0699 (486x640) IMG_0700 (526x640) IMG_0697 (495x640) IMG_0696 (487x640) IMG_0695 (471x640) I'll always be with you

IMG_0694 IMG_0698 coronation rag

The Complete List of Sheet Music with year of publication

1935  Say Si Si

1936  A Gay Ranchero, Trust In Me, When My Dream Boat Comes Home

1937  Yours

1938 They Say

1939  I’ll Never Smile Again, Undecided

1940  Imagination

1941 Papa Nicolinin, ‘Tis Autumn, Two Heads That Pass in the Night, The Story of a Starry Night

1942  Moonlight Mood, Oh, My Darling Clementine, A Story of Pearls

1943  Rest of All, Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer

1944  Sentimental Journey, Easter Sunday with You, Let Me Love You Tonight, Robin Hood, Candy, I Didn’t Know

1945  Let It Snow, Come to Baby Do, I’ll Always Be With You, A Fool About You, Autumn Serenade, The Last Time I Saw You, You May Not Love Me, You Won’t Be Satisfied, I’ll Never Let You Cry, Street of Dreams, Trust in Me, Undecided, When My Dream Boat Comes In

1946  A Good Man Is Hard to Find, My Number One Dream Came True, You Should Have Told Me, Deavil, Devil, Divil, The Whole World Is Singing My Song, The Best Man, Five Minutes More

1947  Mahzel

1949  I’ve Got My Love, 1400 Dream Street

1959  My Kind of People



Movie Memoribilia

This 1958 movie was the second theatrical appearance for the band.


Les Jr. co-stared in Wild Wild Winter, a beach blanket bingo movie that takes place at a ski lodge.
Lobby card of the third movie the Band of Renown (in the background) appeared in.
Lobby card featuring Stumpy Brown and Jackie Cooper in the movie Kilroy Was Here.




















Dutchess of Idaho lobby card with Stumpy Brown


Miscellaneous Items

Les at the NY Military Academy
Les at the NY Military Academy
IMG_0715 (511x640)
Flyer advertising the dedication of the Pennsylvania historical marker at Les’ birthplace.
IMG_0734 (640x467)
Festival road sign.


Letter from Doris Day to the Les Brown Big Band Centennial Festival
Letter from Doris Day to the Les Brown Big Band Centennial Festival
b of r at disney
The band at one of their many performances at Disneyland.
bor plaid jackets
The band’s 70’s look with plaid jackets. Note the logo on the music stands which was designed by Stumpy Brown.


Original artwork by Les' grandson Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Original artwork by Les’ grandson Jeff “Swampy” Marsh
stump bari
Stumpy Brown’s baritone horn. Donated by Barbara Hill.
Publicity still of the Band of Renown’s performance at the Carnation Pavillion, Disneyland (1990s).
Banner that hung at the Carnation Pavillion in Disneyland.
autographed program
The back page of a concert program from the 1940s. Almost all of the band members signed it including Doris Day.

b of r at disney b of r ticket Bof R in checkered jackets bor plaid jackets colombia ad IMG_0733 (640x369) poster soundie

Autographed Pictures

IMG_0691 (400x300)
Autographed pictures of the Band of Renown musicians that appeared or performed at past LBBB Festivals: Jack Redmond, Butch Stone, Dave Pell, Les Brown Jr., Les Brown Sr., Stumpy Brown (left to right). Butch and Les Sr. never appeared at the festival. Both men sent their pictures to the museum.

Jack Redmond, Butch Stone, Dave Pell, Les Brown Jr., Les Brown Sr., Stumpy Brown (left to right)

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